Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bourbon and Pearls

The duality of man has long been the subject of discourse for the sages;  the yetzer tov and the yetzer ra, the id and the super ego... and for me bourbon and pearls. They are not only the leitmotifs of my life but a representation of my different sides - just this week my best friend called me a "memale"; as emotional and over sensitive as I can be, I have a very strong masculine component to my personality  much more so than my other  female friends who are often shocked by my male take on life, the universe and everything.

I am equally as at home in the bar of a 5 star hotel sipping Cristal as I am treading the sticky floor of a dive bar swilling shots with types that ones's parents would have  deemed very, very non U. I find the back seat of  a Harley as comfy as the back of  a thoroughbread stallion. I find both of these men as attractive as the other -

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy.

Tim Jeffries, 6 ft 3 multi millionaire.

Well blondie may have the edge - the edge being the crux. I am intrigued to learn what opposing sides others may have in their character, I think that  blog readers and writers often reveal more to each other than they do to immediate friends and family, why we've even taken the salacious edge out of  a raspily whispered "What are you wearing?"
 So go on reveal all!  


  1. I've never ridden on a Harley Davidson...and I have only done 2 shots, one with my daughter...because she said I could not die without doing least 1 and another with her boyfriend singing John Bon Jovi...Living on a Prayer...and it was a Tequila shot.
    I still have a lot of livin to do...!

    Memale...sounds powerful, and cutting edge....bourbon shots wearing pearls...and applause.

  2. Oh, if only I still lived in the UK I would know a similar soul. *sigh*

    I am that demure lady who likes to sip her champagne or martini or scotch, but also loves letting her hair down at a dark bar and dancing until I've exhausted myself. Last summer I hopped on the back of my husband's motorcycle tentatively and then after a bit began screaming to go faster!

    And as I just finished the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy (mmmm) I can safely say that that dreamy creature could be on the back of a bike rough and ready or in Nicholas Nickleby and look hot either way, but I prefer the rougher version.

    I applaud you for showing all sides. I've recently been dealing with how to show that I'm not just suzy homemaker, since that seems to be the slot I've been put in (partially of my own doing in sharing my life and partially because of assumptions).

  3. Hostess: I should really point out that around here Harleys are ridden by dentists and surgeons!

    Kalee: "Loves letting her hair down" I think you summed it up there, if I don't do that every so often I start to feel trapped in my own skin.
    How good is Sons of Anarchy? Hang on, has the new season started in America?

  4. I don't think I have any opposing sides, I dress 1950's style, listen to 50's music, work as an artist and am known for the 40's 50's look to my work.

  5. See Tabitha my sweet, you get it.

  6. Yes Tabitha I possess a party/mischievous side but not many are privy to this part of my personality, I save letting my hair down for suitable occasions.
    It would be fair to say I have surprised some people who thought they had me summed up.
    I guess I like to be a little mysterious.

  7. I'm in the Spitzer mould. 'Nuff said. I've always had a dark side but try to manage it without causing pain

  8. I always figured it was because I was a gemini... I most definetly have two sides. The side that loves rock music and big hair spent many a night at the Whisky in Hollywood and the side that loves 'peepaw' sweaters and pearls and is planning to start her own kitchen garden in the spring.

  9. I do get the whole "memale' thing. That might describe me as well. Yesterday I was referred to as the "alpha female' by a colleague.

  10. Belle: Oh you are definitely an alpha female, I can see that even from just knowing you online. Im not by any means but I do have a male point of view quite often.

    Anon: Ha, you sound just like me!

    James: I think we understand each other's point of view most of the time.

    Anne Marie : I would love to be mysterious, I'm such a blabber mouthed open book,

  11. I was regularly told, in my corporate career, that I had more testosterone than most of the men I worked with. Good for the biceps, I suppose. But my life has left me saying Neither to the question of which man. Neither the husky bad boy, nor the whippet-edged guy in a suit. Someone else. Someone else.

  12. My lips are sealed. But if you swing by Paris this winter I can tell you then. I'll buy you a bourbon. ;)

  13. Rose: Oh another mysterious woman! I'm there next week if I don't expire from stress beforehand...

    LPC: My husband doesn't fit into either category either. I'm sure you're a very strong woman too like Belle, you would have to be to have had such business success. I'm not made of such strong mettle.

  14. I live the double life as well. At work, I have been called butch, alpha-female, been told I have more cojones than guys I work with. When not, I love to dress up, wear heels, doll myself up (given enough time, I'm slow at it). I love hanging with the guys and shoot the sh*t, but I also love shopping and brunching with the girls. As for the man-eye-candy, I like James Bond (in all his incarnations) as he's urbane, stylin', yet rough and ready to get his hands dirty. I'll take me a man in a tux on a Harley please. ;)

  15. If I wasn't commenting anonymously online I'd be far too embarrassed to admit the duality in my nature is more or less limited to my being hailed as 'hey, laddie' well into my thirties and rather too often being hit on by gay guys other girls...

  16. (over)working stiff from pre-dawn (445am) early to late afternoon day (after a 200 mile commute). Late afternoon: Kid/Dog/Chickens wrangler/homework assistant/personal kid shuttle service, food acquirer and preparer. Early evening: pots pans dish and clothes washer. Later evening: music spinner and fire starter, reader/writer homeworker, best friend hanger-outter. Late-late evening: bed keeerasher (12/1 am) then up-and-at'em starting all over again...Zzzzzz.
    Fun??? You-betcha', all of it is (to me)... esp. hangin' with my 3 blondes (nothing beats that). I have no time for a double life, but that is all just coooool with me! :-)

  17. Superb post, Tabs.

    I've never understood why motorbicycles like Harley Davisons are considered 'edgy' and 'dangerous'. Most of the ones I am aware of are driven by chubby accountants and balding attorneys. You want dangerous? I'll give you dangerous.

    I can relate in a way, to the duality concept. At school the Jesuits impressed upon us the ideal: mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body), the man of thought and the man of action, the scholar and the mercenary, the gent and the rake. My ideal, but I've fallen far short of it. Still, I hesitate to reveal more of myself, not only because I'd probably not be believed, but more importantly because I want to save some material for my own scribblings. ;)

  18. My Brain is broked from sleep lack... Only 100 miles a day. Zzzzz

  19. Closet Crisis: A man in a tux on a Harley - now why didn't I think of that?

    AEF: You are so intriguing, and funny!

    Scaleworm: I'd love to be a dog, chicken, kid wrangler, I suffer from the unbearable lightness of being as no one really needs me and although married I'm alone most of the time. I envy all of the role you get to play each day.

    LBF: Oh I think you are as complicated and layered as I am, yet I think those layers are more cohesive, of course I don't know you at all...

  20. I've always been a bit of a tomboy. I prefer beer in a dirty bar to tea and cakes, a gig full of blokes to a girl's night in. Though I do like getting dressed up I'm happiest in jeans and a t-shirt. Guess I'm a memale too.

  21. I was a bit of a tomboy and party girl when I was young, but being plunged into motherhood at age 22 put an end to that.
    That's been my role, and now I'm too tired to party!
    Great post, Tabbers. You must be excited about going to Paris, I am so jealous.

  22. Yes, we're on episode 14 of season 3 here in the US this week. Delicious.

  23. Who am I? Reveal myself? are you sure you want to know?

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