Monday, October 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Snoopy!

“IT was a dark and stormy night…” So began his magnum opus, a household name he may be, but it wasn’t through literature that he captured the minds and hearts of more than two generations. It was his looks; his now fading looks. At 60 the downward slant of his eyes has been accentuated by gravity, his rooftop eyrie is no longer just a skip and a jump away and his saggy ears make for one very messy pup at dinnertime. His was the first poster that I blu tacked onto my bedroom wall. Just looking at his face made me feel secure, happy and contented, I still feel a little tickle in my heart whenever I look at him.
Age cannot wither him and I surely speak for millions when I declare: “I love you, Snoopy!”

Here are a few reasons why:

1)   He is of Viking extraction as his name comes from the Norwegian term Snuppa.
2)   Literature holds a dear place in his heart. One of his favourite novels is War and Peace which he is currently reading at a rate of one word per day. I figure he must be on page 42.
3)   He made his first appearance in Peanuts on October 4, 1950 (which makes him a Libra) he was rather shy and reserved for the first two years, not speaking until 27 May, 1952.
4)   He loves nothing more than a quiet night in with root beer and pizza, while his favourite type of dog food is a niche brand, “For Dogs Who Flew in World War One And Understand A Little French.” (He also understands Serbo-Croat.) 
5) His is a heart that has known true pain, having been jilted at the altar when the object of his affection ran off with his brother, Spike, whom the bitch also abandoned for a coyote. Known to over indulge in his feeding bowl after affairs of the heart, he once commented: “I’ll always have a few memories – and a fat stomach."
6)   He is a man of wealth and taste as his art collection includes a Van Gogh and an Andrew Wyeth.
      7His father was a rebel rousing  hunt saboteur: Snoopy: “My dad used to run with the hounds but his sympathies  were elsewhere. He used to run on ahead and warn the rabbits!”
8) The final ‘Peanuts’ cartoon ran on 12 February, 2000 the day after Charles M. Schultz died. The last image, on the bottom corner of the last panel, was Snoopy at his typewriter pondering what to type next.

My head is up, my arms are out, my hips are swaying, who wants to join me in the Snoopy dance today? It will put a smile on your face!


  1. Too cute.

    “I’ll always have a few memories – and a fat stomach."

    Words to live by.

  2. Very cute! :) Have a wonderful day Tabitha!

  3. My husband and I love Snoopy. We even bought a beagle as we wanted one of our own. Cute as he was, he was certainly no Snoopy!! Diane

  4. Thanks for the sweet post. I adore Snoopy as well. He was always my favorite of the Peanuts gang and still is. I remember the drawing of him the day of Mr. Schultz passed away-we all felt the same way Snoopy did. If you're ever in the Bay Area there is a Charles Schultz museum in Santa Rosa with amazing Peanuts art, history and an Ice Rink, (http://www.snoopyshomeice.com/about.html). We took the kids several years ago and their lunches were served in cardboard dog bowls-which we laughed about for days.

  5. I love Snoopy. (I must go to Santa Rosa to see that museum, thanks for the tip, JulieStyles.)
    I did not know that Snoopy was a Viking!

  6. LBF: Indeed, I'll be dribbling those very words when I'm in an old folk's home.

    FFM: You too!

    Dani: Ok well I may have used a little poetic licence there, he's certainly a Nordie dog!

    Julie: You have no idea how much I would love to eat my lunch out of a cardboard dog bowl!

    Diane: I love beagles, I had one too, what a handful he was. They really need full time jobs, 5 minutes of boredom and the house would be wrecked.

  7. BEAGLES ON THE GRASS, ALAS I adore the fact that Snoopy doesn't belong to Charlie Brown, but, per Patty, simply "lives in the same direction." A master of subtle distaste. And with a flying helmet and a sunny yellow mate like Woodstock (my fave) who could go wrong? Tabs, adore how your posts turn on a dime from Friday's in-and-outter serious to today's pure fun facts. Always a good surprise.

  8. PS, I did a jump-up variation of the "Snoopy dance" earlier this morning with a neighbourhood Montessori class while they were waiting to cross at our lights (their teach. is a friend.) The kids' active break was my "looks like an utter nutter" urban contribution for today.

  9. Snoopy is one adorable dog. Have a lovely day! Kellie xx

  10. Kellie: You too!

    Get Fresh: Churchill would say, "This blog has no theme." Well I've vowed to blog every day till Xmas, so it's just whatever wanders into my mind for more than three seconds! I'm laughing away at the thought of your dance but these things always lift the spirits don't they?
    Oh my red velvet recipe begging email bounced back, I must have copied it down incorrectly, I'll go back again and check it.

  11. Oh! Haven't thought about him for years, thanks for the post! I still have a shelf full of old Peanuts comics. My dad gave me my first copy when I was 7. Love the simple graphics and trusims. Truly a classic.

    On topic of blogging frequency. Don't push yourself beyond your comfort zone! It's YOUR blog and you can do anything (however often) you like!

  12. I was the proud owner of a Snoopy toothbrush while a little boy.


  13. CC: I thrive on ritual and order!

    Hilton: If I could find one, I'd still use it, what a chirpy way to start the day.

  14. I love Snoopy too. I have a tee shirt with Snoopy wearing headphones and the writing "I love Rock and Roll" that now (post baby) is sadly too snug. I always got smiles in the street while wearing it (especially from young men!) and I am going to treasure it and pass it on to my daughter (unless you want it!)

  15. LOL Ema: I can just see me and your duaghter having a tug of war over it!

  16. Love Snoopy - Mr TNMA bought me a Peanuts' comic strip book for Christmas and I was very pleased to see my friend's six year old daughter in a Snoopy sweatshirt the other day ( I used to have one as a teenager with Snoopy in athletics gear and 'It's great to be a superstar on the front!')


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